VPX Redline White Heat Supplement Review

Redline White Heat Bodybuilding Supplement Evaluation

Choosing the correct pre-workout supplement is constantly a fight of balance. It’s great that many pre-workout supplements do something to enhance your performance during workouts.

VXP Sports Redline White Heat is a potent pre-workout supplement that assures to enhance your energy, endurance, and focus throughout workouts. With a stimulant-heavy formula that promises to supply energy even to the heaviest of stimulant users, Redline White Heat merely isn’t for the faint of heart– actually. Its single-serve of 1 scoop consists of about the caffeine equivalent of 5 cups of coffee, and if you have a heart condition, you may want to have yourself cleared by your doctor before taking anything as strong as Redline White Heat.

What you have to know

When taking stimulant-heavy formulas like Redline White Heat, you would have to examine the formula of every supplement that you stack it with. The caffeine content of Redline White Heat is no joke. At 400mg, it can cause severe palpitation, high blood pressure, and sleeplessness. Examine your other supplements for stimulant components. If possible, avoid other supplements which contain stimulants when taking Redline White Heat.

Who uses Redline White Heat?

Redline White Heat isn’t really your routine pre-workout supplement. Due to its borderline hazardous nature, it’s not a good idea for newbies to use Redline White Heat.


We measured the effectiveness of Redline White Heat based upon the following categories:

Material Quality
User evaluations

We gathered information about Redline White Heat. We found out that apart from its 400mg caffeine content, it likewise consists of a myriad of other active ingredients that help in exercise efficiency. It contains 3 various kinds of Yohimbe, a vasodilator that enhances blood circulation to the muscles. It does not consist of other Nitric Oxide boosters to improve blood flow. At the concentration levels of Redline White Heat, you can stack it with other Nitric Oxide boosters provided that it doesn’t consist of other stimulants.

Redline White Heat does not publish the ingredient concentrations for its other contents, but judging from its composition, about 2000mg of its exclusive blend per serving is divided amongst the following ingredients:

N-Methyl Tyramine
Hydroxypropyl Distarch Phosphate
4-Amino-2-Methylpentane Citrate
Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrine
Citicoline Sodium

This pre-workout mix combines nootropics, energy boosters, and stimulants to provide a feel-good rush of energy to the user. This is a terrific mix except for one little hiccup:

Redline White Heat is found to contain a prohibited compound called DMBA, which is structurally similar to DMAA and Ephedrine, which are also prohibited by the FDA. DMBA mimics the effects of amphetamines, and while it would not be an issue in drug tests, it would seriously create an issue with long-lasting consumption. The formula includes high levels of caffeine, yohimbe, and DMBA. When stacked, these ingredients enhance the negative effects that include severe palpitations and flu-like signs.

Redline White Heat is fairly priced at less than a dollar per serving. Compared to other pre-workout supplements, it’s relatively cheaper, specifically when you reduce your portions based on your tolerance level.

Users of Redline White Heat are specifically worried about the inclusion of DMBA, which is not stated in its supplement profile. Those who have actually made use of the product grumble about the negative effects of Redline White Heat, which last till the next day.


The genuine concern is, how far would you go to enhance your performance? There’s no question that Redline White Heat can be a possession to improving your exercise efficiency, but there should be a balance in between dangers and outcomes, and sadly for this product, the benefit doesn’t seem to validate the methods.

Exactly what we would advise

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VPX Redline White Heat Rating: C

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