Musclepharm Combat Powder Supplement Review

MusclePharm Combat Powder declares to have a sophisticated time-release protein that ought to benefit bodybuilders who want to continue establishing muscles on-the-go. Is it the best muscle building composition supplement for you?

MusclePharm is no stranger to the world of supplements. They are so big that they even have a sponsorship with UFC. MusclePharm Combat Powder claims that it is the official supplement of UFC competitors. While that may be the case for promotions, we discover it quite unlikely that Mixed Martial Arts competitors would use MusclePharm Combat Powder as their bodybuilding supplement. It’s more much like how McDonald’s is a main partner of the Olympics. It appears that it’s nothing but an advertising gimmick.

MusclePharm Combat Powder might have bigger spending plans than most business to market their product, but it would not mask the genuine impacts of the product when it has actually been tested by genuine people. In this evaluation, we’ll take a more detailed take a look at MusclePharm Combat Powder to see if it can live up to its guarantee.


We discover it not likely that UFC fighters use MusclePharm Combat Powder due to the fact that the results of MusclePharm Combat Powder aren’t constant with what Mixed Martial Arts competitors need. To comprehend why the advanced time release protein isn’t really for everyone, right here’s a simple explanation of how it works as explained by MusclePharm.

According to MusclePharm, your muscles can continue developing long after your exercise if you take MusclePharm Combat Powder because the protein in their powder would be absorbed at various rates. In theory, you must have a consistent supply of protein due to the fact that you won’t be absorbing all of the protein in one go.

The science behind MusclePharm Combat Powder is plausible. It does not make good sense for many regarding why a MMA competitor would take MusclePharm Combat Powder, with all the other options on the table. Considering a Mixed Martial Arts competitor’s extreme exercise, anybody in business would understand that they need the most protein that they can soak up at any provided time, and a delayed release ought to act only as a secondary benefit, but not its primary usage. Intense workouts require high amounts of protein that has to be absorbed rapidly, but for MusclePharm Combat Powder’s 25-gram serving, absorbed over 8 hours; it would be unlikely that MusclePharm Combat Powder provides Mixed Martial Arts competitors exactly what they require.

Significant athletes are more inclined to believe if items like NitroGenix 365 or Xtreme Testosterone would be supporteded by someone from UFC, since it’s extremely most likely that they are making use of these items for extreme efficiency. Having the UFC to market MusclePharm Combat Powder does not show that the item is effective, it simply shows that MusclePharm wants to go the extra mile making individuals purchase their item, while some supplement providers think that if your item is effective, it should sell itself.

Active ingredients

MusclePharm Combat Powder lists all its protein sources on its label:

Whey protein isolate
Partially hydrolyzed whey protein
Micellar casein
Whey protein concentrate
Egg albumen
Digestion enzyme blend

Lots of customers are having a tough time relying on brands that conceal their ingredients by identifying it as a mix, and not by its actual ingredients.

Many consumers are also concerned with its protein material per serving, which is 25 grams– digested in 8 hours. MusclePharm Combat Powder only has 25 grams, which will certainly be digested within 8 hours.

The artificial flavoring on MusclePharm Combat Powder is likewise a major concern for me. The products evaluate respondents have tested– Cookies n’ Cream and Orange Creamisicle are both too sweet compared to other protein products. Also indicated by the reviews on

MusclePharm Combat Powder Pros:

Promoted by UFC
Time release protein (not for everyone).

MusclePharm Combat Powder Cons:.

Too sweet.
Low protein content.

The Takeaway:.

Let protein powders work the way they should. By digesting protein over 8 hours you are successfully decreasing the quantity of protein you soak up at any provided time.

MusclePharm Combat Powder Rating: D

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