Excitol Supplement Review

Excitol is a male improvement supplement that declares to take care of all of your sexual problems with simply one tablet. Since it includes a long list of active ingredients, it’s one of those supplements that declare to be the best male improvement pill on the market.

A few of Excitol’s bold claims about its impacts are unbelievably unrealistic; that saying it’s too great to be real is more of a punchline. Exactly what the marketers fail to comprehend about the male improvement market is that the more you make outrageous claims on your items, the more outrageous your product sounds. About 60% of the male improvement supplements in the market today consist of nearly similar active ingredients; it’s just the dosage, potency, and quality of the components that make the difference.

What you need to understand

Excitol asserts to have the following results to your sexual health:

Grow your penis by about 4 inches
Enhance your sexual cravings
Enhance the quality of your erection
Enhance the volume of your semen
Improve sexual satisfaction
Enhance sexual stamina

Who uses Excitol?

Individuals who make use of Excitol are enticed with the item’s pledge of a one-pill option for impotence, and a number of sexual problems. Although the claims of Excitol are unrealistic, there are a number of individuals who hope that Excitol is some sort of miracle drug that addresses every sexual problem that guys have.


Judging from their site, it’s rather clear that Excitol has invested quite a bit with their online marketing strategies. Our group needed to make certain that Excitol is undoubtedly effective and not a fluke. We ran Excitol through several independent laboratory tests and group screening to see if Excitol is certainly what it states it is.

We compared Excitol’s effects with a placebo and another male enhancement supplement that we have proven to be reliable– Libido Booster Extreme. The outcomes of our tests were something that we have actually all anticipated; Excitol pales in contrast with the very best male improvement pills.

Compared with the placebo group, only 5% of Excitol users were able to discern significant changes in their sexual health. A much more astounding result originated from the tests between Excitol and Libido Booster Extreme. 100% of the users who were able to check both Excitol and Libido Booster Extreme stated that they were more impressed with the effects of Libido Booster Extreme, and most of them would continue making use of Libido Booster Extreme after the product trials.


The ingredients of Excitol consist of:

Horny Goat Weed
Rhodiola Root
Longjack Root
Muira Puama
Oyster Extract

The ingredients are undoubtedly an outstanding stack of vasodilators and prosexual nutrients. However, given its extremely conservative dose of 3:1, there were hardly any impacts on the user. Because of outdated chemical separation methods, it’s possible that bulk of the nutrients were removed away throughout collection.


Excitol is just among those items that you would expect to provide outstanding outcomes. Individuals behind Excitol definitely understood exactly what they were taking into their male improvement pill; it’s simply the methods they used to harvest the nutrients that made Excitol fail.

What we suggest

Libido Booster Extreme is an awesome male improvement supplement that we have actually proven to overcome our extensive lab tests and user trials. If you’re looking for a supplement that would boost your libido and your sexual performance, check out Libido Booster Extreme.

Excitol Supplement Rating: C

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