Men’s ProEnhance Patch Review

Are stick on patches really effective and work?

The patches fad has actually officially hit male improvement supplements with ProEnhance Patch. Much like nicotine spots that help you kick the nasty habit of smoking cigarettes, ProEnhance Patch assures to help you enhance the size of your penis with a transdermal patch shipment system. Basically, all you have to do is to put the stick on throughout your body and simply leave it there for three days.

The patch isn’t really the only thing fascinating about ProEnhance Patch. It includes a number of ingredients which are fairly unprecedented in the male improvement supplement market. The ProEnhance patch markets itself not just as an alternative to male enhancement pills, however a much better choice given its distinct and innovative delivery system.

What you need to understand

Despite just being presented in the last decade, transdermal patches are one of the most researched medication conduit systems. Its benefit over the pill is its consistent dosing system. Unlike pills that go through the digestion system and into the blood stream, it gets soaked up quickly, and then the levels fall off until you take your next tablet. Patches offer constant absorption which is an advantage especially with male enhancement.

Who utilizes ProEnhance Patch?

The ProEnhance Patch is preferred by users who stay away from oral medication– typically those who wouldn’t want to continually take pills 2-4 times a day, or those who get their stomachs easily inflamed by supplements. Its composition and marketing tell us that ProEnhance is geared to older men with impotence.


We measured ProEnhance Patch based upon the following criteria:

Material quality
Delivery system (Patch).

We sent out samples of ProEnhance Patch to our lab for analysis. We found out that ProEnhance has 5 major active ingredients, with menthol as its sixth, to optimize transdermal absorption. Its main ingredient is Ginseng– an active ingredient we all understand to improve stamina and mental function. ProEnhance claims that its ginseng element likewise improves sexual cravings and erections. Another active ingredient we recognize with is Saw Palmetto. Saw Palmetto is a common ingredient in testosterone boosters like Xtreme Testosterone. It functions as an aphrodisiac and it improves sexual endurance.

The other active ingredients of ProEnhance Patch are fairly new to the male enhancement supplement market like He Shou Wu, which is an Asian herb utilized in standard natural medicine to treat impotence and boost sex drive. It is stated that He Shou Wu avoids aging by boosting vigor. Gotu Kola is the formula’s primary blood flow booster. The producer of ProEnhance claims that it enhances blood flow to the penis to produce firmer erections. Damiana, on the other hand, is stated making your penis far more sensitive and receptive to enjoyment to offer you more intense orgasms.

Our main issue about ProEnhance Patch is the bio-availability of the active ingredients based on a transdermal application. Not all active ingredients can be taken in with a transdermal patch, and these active ingredients would have to be specifically developed so it can be quickly taken in by the skin. The only advantage that ProEnhance Patch has is its menthol content, which opens the pores to enhance absorption. There’s no proof that its active ingredients can be taken in with a transdermal patch.


Gotu Kola.
Saw Palmetto.
He Shou Wu.


Apply the spot to a location with clean, dry skin, ideally a location with little or no hair. Every three days, eliminate one patch and apply a new one on a various location. Permit each spot to rest for 7 days to avoid irritation.


It’s interesting to see a new sort of product in the male improvement industry. ProEnhance Patch challenges others to come up with innovative and new ways to make their items more effective. However, ProEnhance Patch seems to be an item that was released prematurely. With a little more research, I make certain that this item will be among the very best male improvement supplements around.

Exactly what we would recommend.

It’s much better to go with what you understand that works when it comes to male enhancement supplements. There’s absolutely nothing incorrect with taking pills. If you desire the best male improvement pill, then you need to have a look at Libido Booster Extreme.

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