Zyrexin Supplement Review

Considering Zyrexin for your next purchase? Read our review about Zyrexin before you make a purchase!

Zyrexin is a male enhancement supplement that claims to be the #1 selling sex tablet on the internet. It declares to offer you an instantaneous increase in sexual appetite, stamina, and it also promises making it much easier for you to acquire and maintain an erection.

Zyrexin is likewise brought by the same people who have presented Penatropin to the marketplace. Unlike Penatropin that is intended to be taken frequently, Zyrexin is a supplement that declares to have immediate results. Zyrexin purports that it can supply lead to as fast as Thirty Minutes after taking the pill.

What you have to understand

There are quite a number of impotence medicines on the market today. One of the most popular ones is Viagra, a.k.a. the blue pill. Surprisingly, Zyrexin is likewise prepared in the same familiar blue hue as Viagra, with a slightly bigger pill size. While the color has nothing to do with the efficiency of the product, one might say that Zyrexin might be riding on the appeal of Viagra to win over some consumers, or cause confusion by presenting the item in a very comparable way as that of Viagra.

Who uses Zyrexin?

Supplements that improve the quality of erections are generally bought and made use of by men who struggle with impotence. While its results may be comparable with that of recognized ED tablets like Viagra, Zyrexin is different given that it only has a license to be offered as a supplement, and not an actual drug, though its effectiveness continue to be to be shown.


Like many of the items we’ve come across with, Zyrexin is no various when aiming to go overboard with its guarantees. We inspected if it has gotten any acknowledgment as the #1 best-selling sex pills, and absolutely nothing came up. Self-proclamations like these are too typical for a product that overemphasizes its effectiveness.

To measure the effectiveness of Zyrexin, we established group tests and laboratory tests that would give us a concept about how Zyrexin is supposed to work. We had our guinea pig take Zyrexin and placebos to iron out the results if it truly came from the pill or not.

The results were fairly conclusive. Zyrexin did not work as promoted. Just 3% of our guinea pig state that the pill improved their sexual performance. From the few that reported favorable results from Zyrexin, none would consider buying the item after our test phase considering its side effects. A few of our test subjects skilled negative effects like queasiness, bloating, stomach flu, and throwing up.

Our laboratory tests support our group test findings. It appears that Zyrexin is poorly produced; only consisting of trace amounts of its supposed active components. In addition to the low-quality ingredients included in Zyrexin, we didn’t discover any components that would help in the absorption of the nutrients in Zyrexin.

Active ingredients

Zyrexin includes the following active ingredients:

Butea Superba
Ginko Extract

Yohimbe and L-Arginine are rather common among the very best male enhancement tablets. Zyrexin would have been quite a remarkable product if it hadn’t been for the incredibly low dosage and potency.

There’s not much to expect originating from the business that assembled Zyrexin and Penatropin. As a supplement, they have actually currently promised much better erection maintenance and a boost in your sexual efficiency. If the item currently works, then why would they even trouble developing Zyrexin– an item that apparently has the very same results? We would not suggest Zyrexin to any of our readers because of our conclusions.

Exactly what we would recommend

We have checked the item thoroughly, and it brought back really remarkable results. If you’re looking for a product that will make you all set when she’s prepared, then consider these as other alternatives: Formula 41 Extreme, FCK Power, or FCK Forever.

Zyrexin Supplement Score: F

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