BSN Hyper FX Supplement Review

BSN Hyper FX is BSN’s champion in the pre-workout supplement category. BSN declares that the Active FX can improve energy levels that will certainly allow the user to sustain an intense exercise from start to finish.

BSN is acknowledged for making high-quality supplements. Users have voiced out their dismay over Active FX’s results as compared to exactly what BSN promised it would do.

Still, the variety of rave reviews for BSN Hyper FX can not be rejected. There are numerous reviews where users expressed their fulfillment over the benefits of BSN Hyper FX.

Simply how efficient is BSN Hyper FX? Are the advantages worth the risk? In this review, we’ll take a more detailed look at BSN Hyper FX to see if the danger is worth the benefit.


Consumers who took BSN Hyper FX for the very first time quickly discovered that the powder is not as mixable as the majority of workout powders. There are circumstances when the powder would clump, resulting in a messy powder mix that creates a gritty aftertaste. Powder supplements that do not mix well can not be soaked up correctly by the body, which may be the reason that lots of other users did not experience the effects assured by BSN Hyper FX.

Numerous users also reported a nasty scent on the grape taste variation. Others likewise reported gas responses from the item. Complaints about vomiting, queasiness, tingling sensation, and flatulence are likewise typical with the use of BSN Hyper FX.

Like lots of supplements that contain caffeine, it was easy to discover caffeine effects like an enhanced level of awareness. For some, it also implied an increase in blood pressure, palpitations, angina, and insomnia. The explosive energy that BSN guaranteed was likewise absent in many of the user trials.

BSN Hyper FX has a mild thermogenic impact that only lasts as long as the caffeine in the mix. You can anticipate your core body temperature level to increase, however only for a short duration. Users who are sensitive to caffeine also experienced a sharp drop in energy as fast as 2 hours after taking BSN Hyper FX.


BSN has organized its significant active ingredients into its own Hyper-FX ™ Peak Proprietary mix–.

Endura Blend:.

Betaine Anhydrous.
CarnoSyn ®
Magnesium Oxide.
Boron Citrate.
Zinc Gluconate.


Thermic Matrix:. Choline Bitartrate.
Caffeine Anhydrous.
AstraGin ®.

Shock Composite:.

DMAE Bitartrate.
Thiamin HCl.

These components are supposed to supply users with a three-part mix of endurance, energy, and inspiration. Concentrations of these ingredients are not divulged by BSN.

BSN Hyper FX Pros:.

Good thermogenic parts.
Widely known producer.

BSN Hyper FX Cons:.

Bad taste.
Lots of side effects.
Does not blend well.

The takeaway.

BSN Hyper FX is without a doubt the worst product ever produced by BSN based on the flak that it got with its user reviews. Maybe it’s time for BSN to reassess having this item on the market. There are more supplements with more reliable item compositions. If you want to get the most from your muscle mass workout, take a look at the best in muscle development supplements like NitroGenix 365 and Xtreme Testosterone.

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