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Formula 41 Extreme

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Formula 41 Extreme
Rated #1
The results are in, industry experts across the board ranked Formula 41 Extreme as the #1 Male Enhancer in history

Formula 41 Extreme
Unmatched Potency
Formula 41 Extreme is the single most powerful supplement of its kind. Nothing else on the market even comes close..

Formula 41 Extreme
Clinically Tested
Formula 41 Extreme triggers the two mechanisms known to increase penis size, function and performance.

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Formula 41 Extreme Supplement Review

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Just 2 capsules a day and you will be the best she’s ever had! Start taking Formula 41 Extreme now, for a more satisfying sex life and a more fulfilled partner. The best part of having a huge penis is seeing the reaction of a woman when you drop your pants for the first time!

Ingredients In Formula41 Extreme

L Arginine Ingredient Definition
L-Arginine is one of the key Stimulating Penis Growth Ingredients in the Formula 41 Extreme super formula. With powerful free testosterone-boosting properties and potent hormone-boosting extracts, L-Arginine will aid in the Instant Rapid Expansion of your penis. This powerful growth enhancer is harvested and aged from our own plantation, giving it a 400:1 potency ratio, giving you unmatched penis growth.

Tribulus Terrestris Ingredient Definition
Tribulus Terrestris works by delivering a massive boost of blood-flow to the two chambers of the penis called the Corpus Cavernosum. This massive boost in blood-flow also triggers a secondary response to the release of free testosterone, which is then delivered directly to the penis. These two reactions combine to deliver extreme growth and expansion to your penis.

Tongkat Ali Circular Ingredient Definition
Tongkat Ali, grown in the heart of Eastern China on our privately owned and protected farmland, provides your sexual system with the correct blend of nutrients to induce unrivaled expansion to the penis. In addition, this powerful and aged herb will deliver an extreme boost to your libido and sex-drive, allowing you to put the expansion of penile tissue to good use several times per day.

Maca Root Ingredient Definition
Maca Root has long been used as a powerful aphrodisiac to reverse the inevitable effects of erectile dysfunction. But more importantly, it can be used to bolster the penis-growing effects of other powerful herbs in Formula 41 Extreme’s super formula by up to 10x. The outcome of using extremely potent blends of Maca Root is that the penis tissue expansion noticed is substantially increased. This is one of the most important keys to our patented Instant Expansion Technology.

Muira Puama Ingredient-Definition
uira Puama was once native to the Brazilian region, but our scientists and researchers have been able to genetically enhance its carbon footprint to unleash a more potent form of it to grow in our privately owned Eastern China farm. This organically modified form of Muira Puama provides industry-leading penis growth, free testosterone production, and libido-boosting properties. No other male enhancement product has access to this extremely potent form of Muira Puama.

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Formula 41 Extreme Supplement Review

Many men want to please their women more in bed. And many women, regardless of what they say, do believe that size matters. A thicker, harder penis is far more pleasurable than a small one, especially one that is small in terms of diameter. Another aspect of your sex life, for both a man and a woman is how long you can keep going in bed without your penis becoming flaccid. Often, if the sex lasts longer than about 15 minutes, men will eventually lose their erection. Given that most women take at least 20 minutes to climax, generally longer, the odds are not in the man’s favor that he will be able to satisfy his woman in the way in which he wants to. However, with revolutionary new research, products like Formula 41 Extreme are making it easier and quicker for men to enlarge their penis and keep it harder for longer than ever before.

So, what is this mens enhancement supplement? Well Formula 41 Extreme is a male sexual supplement that has been clinically tested and has had a fantastic success rate in terms of its results. There is no question that Formula 41 Extreme is number one in the mens enhancement supplement category. In terms of the Formula 41 Extreme supplement review, it has been rated the number one sexual enhancement supplement in history! This isn’t just a combination of some herbs and some hoo ha. It has been successfully clinically tested and has come out tops in the male sexual performance category.

The penis is a muscular organ. And just like any other muscular organ in the body it can grow and increase it efficiency and function. However, your penis muscles are not like those of your pecs or triceps. It requires a different chemical mix to make it grow. The penis contains two chambers that contract and dilate with blood flow. Therefore, it requires a certain set of ingredients to achieve this. The penis is not a skeletal muscle so it does not grow in the same manner. In fact, substances that can make your skeletal muscles grow, like steroids, can actually shrink your penis. So, a different kind of supplement is needed to grow and enhance the penis.

The great thing about the formula 41 extreme product range is that it has supplements to immediately cause a rush of blood to your penis, instantaneously giving it size and stamina, but over time, the usage of such a mens enhancement supplement is that it has long term effects, ensuring extra size and performance whenever you need to ” drop your pants “.

The science behind the formula 41 extreme supplement is not as complex as you may think, but has been clinically tested to ensure perfection in the bedroom ( or in which ever room the mood might take you! ) but is made from all natural substances. Each ingredient was selected and broken down into its purest and most potent form to give you the ultimate rise when you need it. Although each of these testosterone boosting and tissue-expanding hormones can work effectively on their own, the combination in these little potency capsules produces the maximum oomph effect that can only be achieved in this combination. Instant penis growth? A kind that is massive and lasting? Is this possible? Well the results speak for themselves. A staggering 98% or men who take these supplements have experienced a growth of at least two inches to their penis. Impressive to say the least.

So what are the different natural elements found in this product? The first is the amino acid L-Arginine. This has powerful testosterone enhancing abilities and hormone boosting properties that create an instant improvement in the size of your penis. Next, there is Tongkat Ali which is found in the heart of China and harvested from privately owned, extremely well run farms and this little plant really produces some unrivaled expansion of the penis, and “>increases libido and sexual desire, helping you put your new ” member ” to good use. Maca Root is also an extremely effective ingredient in formula 41 extreme. When a highly potent mix of Maca Root is used the expansion of tissue in the penis is remarkable. It is a highly effective, quick acting and long lasting ingredient in this mens enhancement supplement. Muira Pama is originally a Brazilian plant, but it is grown effectively in the formula 41 extremes’ farms in Eastern China. It not only enhances penis size, but it too increases libido ensuring that there is not a moment when you wont feel like action.

In essence, the way in which formula 41 extreme has been formulated is to ensure that the effects are working and lasting in your body throughout the day. It also ensures increased testosterone and hormone boosting to make the most of your new penis.

It seems that, from all the formula 41 extreme supplement reviews, you can’t go wrong with this supplement. So try it out and take your love making to the next level!