Musclepharm CLA Core Supplement Review

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a naturally-occurring trans-fatty acid made from important fatty acids discovered in some animals. CLA has revealed effectiveness as a fat burner by enhancing the metabolism of the user. Basically, CLA is a fatty acid that burns fat.

MusclePharm is a brand understood for its profitable endorsement handle the UFC, Johnny Manziel, Tiger Woods, as well as bodybuilding legend and previous California guv, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

According to MusclePharm, CLA Core supports healthy body composition, assists you reduce weight and trim body fat, and it likewise increases your metabolic rate. The item also shows that CLA core has anti-catabolic components that help in lowering fat while avoiding muscle mass loss.

MusclePharm markets CLA Core as the highest quality, potency, and purity CLA readily available. These are bold statements, but will CLA core live up to its pledge? We took a better look into the product to see if it has indeed, the best dosage readily available for CLA.


CLA core is offered in soft gel capsuls, with one soft gel equal to one serving. There are no thermogenic and nootropic substances included in the formula, for that reason no immediate effects could be expected.

In fact, no immediate effect is discernible up until you measure your development. That’s why numerous users are grumbling about CLA core being MusclePharm’s first scam item. The reality is, CLA core may not work for all. Some users who actively exercise and make use of the very best fat burning pills in conjunction with CLA Core may experience better outcomes with CLA core. However, those who simply take CLA core without the proper fitness routines are not likely to make any progress.


The active components in one CLA core soft gel are as follows:

Conjugated Linoleic Acids
Additional virgin olive oil
Avocado oil

The addition of additional virgin oil and avocado oil are welcome surprises. Virgin olive oil acts as a regulatory authority for a healthy hunger and blood sugar levels.

We moved our focus back to CLA to see if the soft gel has a potent concentration of CLA. It turns out that every soft gel of CLA Core would only have, as an optimum, 38.5 % active CLA. This concentration is below the typical CLA concentration offered in the market today. Not to mention that Muscle Pharm claims that CLA Core has the highest purity, potency and quality CLA offered.

CLA Core Pros:

No tense effect
Very little adverse effects
Easy to take

CLA Core cons:

Low dosage per soft gel
Deceptive marketing statements

The takeaway:

If you remain in the market for fat burning pills, CLA Core may assist you to shed the fat, however it cannot do it alone. Just like other fat burning supplements in the market today, fat burning is always associated with workout and the best modification in way of life. Losing fat FAST is possible by using a mix of supplements like LipoGenix Elite and Garcinia cambogia X.

Musclepharm CLA Core score: D-

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