Muscletech Anarchy Supplement Review

Muscletech’s Anarchy is a pre-workout supplement and the brand’s latest addition to their Efficiency Series.

MuscleTech is understood for producing popular supplements such as Clear Muscle and Hydroxycut. In the recent years, MuscleTech has gained rather a track record for always disappointing their consumers’ expectations. It’s rather expected that with the earlier overhyped product releases that no one expects much from MuscleTech’s Anarchy.

MuscleTech’s Anarchy is the very first pre-workout supplement in the Performance series. The pre-workout supplement industry is one of the most competitive markets today. Will Anarchy be MuscleTech’s saving grace? We took a more detailed look at MuscleTech’s Anarchy to see if the item has all the markings of a successful pre-workout supplement.


MuscleTech boasts a more concentrated dosage of its key ingredients for Anarchy. Anarchy is predominantly made up of ergogenics. Ergogenics are compounds that are produced to increase endurance, performance, and recuperation.

Just like a lot of items that contain Caffeine Anhydrous, the caffeine effects start about 30 minutes after taking MuscleTech Anarchy. It has a relatively routine dosage of Caffeine Anhydrous, at about 190mg per serving, which is about equal to the caffeine material of 3 cups of coffee. Users who are caffeine delicate would have to take care and ask a doctor initially prior to taking MuscleTech Anarchy.

Anarchy consists of vasodilators, which ease up the blood flow going to your muscles and extremities. Anarchy users have actually also reported an effect that creates hostility. This is terrific if the aggression is concentrated on working out, but for some individuals it might be off-putting.


Among the very best features of MuscleTech is that they always follow a transparent disclosure of all their active ingredients. This makes it simpler to evaluate the components and come up with a decision whether to buy their items or not.

Right here are the ingredients of Anarchy according to its supplement facts label:

CarnoSyn ®.
Nitrosigine ®.
HydroMax ®. Caffeine Anhydrous.
Choline bitartarate.
Rhodiola Extract.
Yohimbe extract.

It’s quite noticeable that the mix did not include any type of protein to assist in structuring muscles. It would have been a great mix of muscle, energy, and focus nutrients to deliver the very best outcomes at half the time and effort.

Anarchy Pros:.

Terrific ingredient combinations.
Increased energy and focus.

Anarchy Cons:.

No protein included.
No testosterone boosters.

The Takeaway:.

It’s disappointing to see an essential nutrient mix being split into two different items just so business can grow. That’s just the case with MuscleTech. If Anarchy was combined with the effects of Phase 8, it would have been a fantastic combination. If you need a complete supplement for intense exercises, checkout NitroGenix 365, and for extra results, see the advantages of using NitroGenix 365 with Xtreme Testosterone.

MuscleTech Anarchy Score: B-

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