My Take On IBS Relief System By Digestive Science

IBS Relief System – Top Rated

Smart move if you want to address IBS symptoms naturally – and an even wiser choice if you do so with IBS Relief System: a three-part all-natural system of enzyme renewal, probiotic help and ongoing digestion support with chia. This is a comprehensive approach to dealing with the causes of IBS, rather than masking symptoms with antidepressants or other so-called solutions.

IBS Relief System is more a way of living, to be honest, of vitamins, minerals, high quality fibers, enzymes, probiotics and chia, which combine to reduce GI inflammation, establish better gut health and function and nurture a troubled digestive system with exceptionally high nutrition. This makes it helpful to pretty much all folks with IBS, whether they get the odd flare-up or more severe symptoms.


  • Treats the causes of IBS (including low stomach acid)
  • High quality ingredients and chia
  • Completely natural
  • Doctor-approved
  • VERY effective


  • On the expensive side
  • Can be hard to find

It’s important to remember what you get with IBS Relief System; three supplements of premium grade ingredients – each valued at roughly forty bucks – and carefully researched, blended and assembled in the United States. If you’re cool to pay, say $2000 for a stereo that sounds better than a cheap, $150 set that sounds like garbage made offshore somewhere, is it much of a stretch to spend a little more for a premium product that’s GUARANTEED to help you feel better? Exactly!


The ingredients in IBS Relief System read like an all-star line-up of natural remedies for IBS. Look a little closer and you’ll find digestive enzymes including amylase and protease, probiotic strains bifidobacterium and lactobacillus and the superfood chia.

With over 27 minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids packed in a 41.25 calorie tablespoon – and plenty of iron, potassium, calcium, omega 3 fatty acids and digestion-friendly fiber – it’s a nutritional powerhouse for pretty much everyone, providing much needed nutrients for the digestive system.

The chia alone makes IBS Relief System worth your purchase. The fact that it also has enzymes is a huge bonus too, because this makes digestion more efficient, regulates stomach acid production and contributes to overall gut health.

Company Reputation

Since its launch in 2011, Digestive Science has become one of the most respected names in the business, with painstakingly researched and assembled natural digestion supplements for IBS and a top-selling Colon Cleanse package. Dr. Steven Lamm of The View endorses the product line, which guarantees all of its products with a reassuring 90 day money-back guarantee.


You’re going to have a difficult time finding an IBS remedy that works this well and at this price. The system is a comprehensive one, with three high quality supplements, each in the neighborhood of $40. With that you get access to all the perks of Digestive Science, including their 7 days a week customer care, a complete system for better – and safe – gut health, and best of all, relief and even prevention of IBS symptoms. All for just $97.95.

Of course, there’s even more value when you opt for the two month supply, as many customers do, for just $175.90. This gets you SIX high quality supplements for 60 days of much-appreciated relief from IBS. This also falls within the 90 day money-back guarantee period, so you can buy the product knowing you get a full refund minus shipping and handling if you don’t experience the results it promises.

Very few people are returning the product.

Bottom Line

There’s really no other way to describe the IBS Relief System as anything other than the best natural remedy for irritable bowel syndrome. Customers love that it’s natural and non-prescription. And they REALLY love the chia, which offers crazy high nutrition that easily works into a hectic schedule – I’ve even heard of people without IBS, buying IBS Relief System just to have better digestive health. You’ve only got one digestive system. Keep that happy and life gets better.

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