Ripped Freak Hybrid Supplement Review

Ripped Freak Hybrid is a weight reduction pill that combines appetite suppression impacts with thermogenic substances to deliver a one-two punch for fat burning.

In the past, Ripped Freak Hybrid had a black-and-red pill which contained DMAA or Geranium extract, which is now banned by the FDA for its adverse effects. Now, Ripped Freak Hybrid is in the clear with all-legal ingredients to aid burning fat.

Dropping an effective-yet-dangerous DMAA off of its lineup certainly did some downside for Ripped Freak. Now, many previous users might say that Ripped Freak Hybrid is just a shell of its former self, with watered-down components simply to meet guidelines. From those who needed to change their formula because of the prohibited active ingredients, it seems that just Ripped Freak Hybrid kept its initial formula, minus DMAA.

The supplement industry literally has hundreds of items in the fat burning thermogenic classification. In this evaluation, we’ll take a more detailed take a look at Ripped Freak Hybrid to see how it fares with its competition.

Off, let’s think about the effects Ripped Freak claims to have:

Supports weight loss
Boosts thermogenesis
1 pill is all you require

The claim to support weight loss is in fact the same as its thermogenic effects. Ripped Freak claims that Oleuoprein Aglycone (OA) can support adrenaline and UCP levels– with support as the operative term in that sentence. According to researches, there are no direct links in between Oleuprein Aglycone and adrenaline and UCP levels. This leads us to just another ingredient that makes a result– Caffeine.

Like any other supplement with caffeine, the caffeine impacts are quickly recognized by the user. Without other components that might cause any significant change, we can conclude that Ripped Freak is absolutely nothing more than a caffeine tablet with a somewhat heavier dosage.


Many supplements tend to conceal the concentration of their ingredients by listing them in exclusive blends. Ripped Freak is no different. Ripped freak lists its active components, however without its amount-per-serving, their customers wouldn’t understand just how much of each active ingredient remains in the pill.

Numerous users take more than simply one supplement. If there’s a total supplement reality sheet so users can determine their consumption for a certain nutrient, it’s handy. For example, caffeine is found in lots of supplements. There’s no way to understand if the caffeine amount is more than what the body can endure if a user takes in Ripped Freak plus another supplement with caffeine. Concealing the quantity per serving is irresponsible as it is questionable.

Here are the ingredients of Ripped Freak:

Green Tea Leaf Extract
Olive Leaf Extract
Green Coffee Bean Extract
Sweet Red Pepper Extract
Raspberry Ketone
Gallic Acid

Ripped Freak Pros:

Good thermogenic result

Ripped Freak Cons:

Requirements more fat burning components
Caffeine adverse effects

The Takeaway:

There’s no sense in paying extra for a supplement that just has caffeine in it. If you’re looking to burn fat quick, it’s much better to make use of all-natural fat burning supplements like LipoGenix Elite and Garcinia Cambogia (Garcinia X).

Ripped Freak Rating: D-

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