Synedrex Metabolic Nutrition Supplement Review

Synedrex is a fat burning supplement developed by Metabolic Nutrition that claims to fast track fat burning by integrating thermogenic substances with nootropic active ingredients.

According to Metabolic Nutrition, due to the potency of Synedrex, it’s finest to evaluate the users’ tolerance by using it without in conjunction with another supplement. It might appear that this might be a timeless marketing ploy to caution the clients so much, that it acquires attention and a particular level of trustworthiness. More users are more interesteded in the effectiveness of a product that warnings about negative effects are merely taken as tips.

The effects Synedrex pledges are:

Accelerate metabolism
Burn more body fat
Suppress appetite
Energy increase

Do these impacts have a significant cost? Is Synedrex safe? We took a closer take a look at Synedrex to find out.


Synedrex is prepared in soft-gel capsules which are quickly absorbed and soaked up by the body. For this reason, effects can be expected fairly quickly. As fast as its results come, so do the adverse effects.

Synedrex has among the most critiques I’ve come across with on an evaluation aggregator website. There are hordes of people who have grumbled about the negative effects of Synedrex. Users of Synedrex have reported chest pains, palpitations, jitters, and anxiety to name a few. It’s not like there’s simply a couple of people grumbling, there are more than a hundred people who put in the time to go online, log in, and type in every excruciating detail of their experience with Synedrex.

In one situation, a customer supposedly had blood on his stool. Upon checking with the physicians, they found out that Synedrex inflamed the bowel linings, so much that it triggered his withins to bleed. Numerous users have offered their guidance for people to listen to their bodies and cease using Synedrex if they feel that their health is at danger.


Synedrex does not have the typical ECA/ECY stack that we frequently see with pre-workout products. Aside from caffeine, a few of the notable components in Synedrex are:

Methylpentane Citrate
Alpha Lipoic Acid
Sandalwood Extract
Yohimbine Extract

An important active ingredient on this list is Methylpentane Citrate, which is otherwise called 1,3-DimethylButylamine citrate, AMP Citrate or DMBA. In some circles, this is considered to be the “brand-new DMAA”, which makes sense because the original formulation for Synedrex contained DMAA.

DMBA is a stimulant just like DMAA, which brings the danger of seizures, cardiac arrest, and neurological issues.

Synedrex Pros:

Good Thermogenic
Has nootropics for focus

Synedrex Cons:

Extreme side effects
Caffeine adverse effects
Includes DMBA

The Takeaway:

There’s no question that Synedrex could measure up to its promise, but at what expense? The risk factors it carries wouldn’t justify the benefit. There are actually numerous supplements that can assist you slim down, and fairly a number too that would help you lose weight naturally. If you want to reduce weight safely, the natural method, have a look at Garcinia Cambogia (Garcinia X). I’m sure you have become aware of it already, and now would be the best time to check out what the buzz is about.

Synedrex Rating: C+

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