VigFX: What is Enteric Coating?

Many terms float around in the world of prescription medications. Yet there’s one that may be of particular interest to people who want more results from health supplements in their regimen.

The term is ‘enteric coating’.

Have you heard of it? Enteric coating is a barrier applied to oral prescription medications – and a few supplements – that serve three functions:

1) To protect the contents of the stomach from a drug

2) To protect the drug from the contents of the stomach

3) To release the drug after the stomach

However, while enteric coating is most common in medications, as it can be quite expensive, in recent years, a select few health supplements have adopted this technology to allow for ‘extended release’. This is the third of the functions mentioned above, meaning that enteric coating protects the ingredients of the capsule from the acidic environment of the stomach and delivers them to the small intestine.

VigFX Has Enteric Coating

The logic is simple. Most medications and supplements simply dissolve in stomach acid. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that in any non-enteric products you’re taking, only 10% to 15% of the ingredients make it to your small intestine, where they’re processed and put to use.

There’s nothing wrong with this. After all, the stomach is acidic by nature, which allows it to kill off harmful bacteria like E Coli and activate the enzyme that helps to digest your food. However, this does hinder the results you get with many prescriptions and most health supplements.

With the latter, enteric coating can boost absorption rates to between 80% and 90%. When used in a doctor-approved health supplement, this substantially increases the benefits realized. And when those benefits are from a clinically proven and all-natural formula designed to increase the male sex drive and satisfaction with sexual activity, it makes for a very effective (and enjoyable) product indeed.

VigFX Builds On the VigRX Formula

VigFX is the core VigRX formula with enteric coating and several new ingredients. Even without this extra feature, the VigRX formula shows impressive results, with clinical studies linking it to statistics that have profound impact on sexual satisfaction and quality of life. These include a:

  • 59.97% increased ability to penetrate one’s partner
  • 71.43% increase in both sexual and intercourse satisfaction
  • 62.82% increased ability to maintain an erection
  • 47% increase in overall sex drive

By itself, the presence of clinical studies makes VigRX Plus stand out from most natural male libido pills, as this research is expensive, and only the most established companies can afford to pursue it. As well, it’s a sign that the company cares enough about its clients to deliver a product that actually works.

Yet VigFX employs this same formula and delivers it with enteric coating. This means up to 80% more absorption of the ingredients used in VigRX formula, and ultimately, more intense results.

Who is the VigFX Client?

VigFX offers the male sexual enhancement benefits of VigRX in an extended release capsule, with the vast majority of ingredients delivered to the small intestine, which processes and puts to use the ingredients in this all-natural formula.

The result of this technology is striking: even more noticeable results from the VigRX formula. That translates to an even larger erection, greater stamina and a dramatic increase in sex drive.

In short, VigFX is VigRX enhanced and taken to the next level, for men who desire more sex, more frequently. And intense sex at that.

Generally speaking, this appeals to two demographics. First, young men, who’ve heard of VigRX, yet never thought to try the product for thinking it a natural alternative to prescription ED pills like Viagra. VigFX offers a faster release and more absorption of the ingredients. The result is a bigger erection, more stamina and even higher interest in sex.

The second demographic is for VigRX clients looking for yet further intensity from the VigRX formula. While VigRX has an immensely high satisfaction rate, the promise of more is tempting to many customers who want better sex and more often. These men are healthy and believe they can handle this much intensity.

In short, VigFX takes VigRX to yet higher levels, with enteric coating that allows extended release, faster results and plenty of sexual activity. And it’s quickly catching on as the top-rated male libido pill on the market today.

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